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From Garage Door Replacement, Garage Door Installation, Garage Door Repair, & Garage Door Openers, Garage Up Is Here To Upgrade & Maximize Your Space!

From Garage Door Replacement, Garage Door Installation, Garage Door Repair, & Garage Door Openers, Garage Up Is Here To Upgrade & Maximize Your Space!

Garage Door Repair

Beautify Your Entire Home

Your Garage Doors are one of the most notable features on your home. For most homes the garage doors are one of the main street facing features. Builders tend to neglect this fact and the traditional “one size fits all” approach is long gone. With so many beautiful modern options available, upgrading your garage door is one of the most affordable and cost effective ways to increase your homes curb appeal today. So when its time to upgrade your garage door, Garage Up!


Garage Door Installation

When repairs aren’t a viable option we recommend having new garage doors installed on your home. Upgrading your garage doors is one of the simplest ways to dramatically impact your homes curb appeal. There are so many great options available whether you are looking for a more modern style steel door, an elegant carriage door, a high-end wood door or even a full view door we are happy to help! Even the slightest stylistic upgrades to your door from beautifully realistic wood grains to elegant tinted glass windows can make a world of difference and set you’re home apart from the rest. Making sure your new garage doors have the proper insulation is also an important factor to consider.

Most garage doors are under insulated and is the leading factor for the garage being too hot in the summer or too cool in the winter. Proper insulation can transform your garage into a much more pleasant space, and save you money on your energy bill!

Garage door insulation is measured by “R-value”, the higher the R-value, the more your door acts as a barrier to the outside elements. For many of our customers, this is very important, so insulation options are always available. We are happy to send one of our certified Installers to your home to go over all your garage door and insulation options, we can even provide photo renderings for what your new garage will look like!

When its time to get a new garage door, Garage Up!

Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Repair

Is your garage door stalling, not going up, or needing some repair? Call us and have one of our certified technicians inspect and diagnose your garage door and go over all your repair options. We have transparent, up front on the spot pricing that makes the process smooth and painless. We also stock universal parts and are able to handle most repairs right then and there! Whether it’s a broken spring, tension cables, belt-drive, chain, tracks are misaligned, sensors are out or even an electrical issue we can handle it all. So for any garage door repair needs, Garage Up!

Garage door repair
Garage Door Repair

Need Emergency Service On Your Garage Door?

Garage Door Repair

Garage doors are an essential part of your home. You need them to protect your vehicles and possessions from theft, weather damage, and vandalism. If your doors fail or won’t operate you expose yourself to potential damages. You certainly wouldn’t sleep well if your front door was left open at night! 

Garage Door Repair

We're here for you when you need us! Our technicians are at the ready to come resolve any issues as promptly as possible. We inventory many universal parts and can get most repairs done on the spot! If you find yourself needing someone to come out to repair your garage door fast! Garage Up! 

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Upgrade Your Door Opener!

A new garage door is great, but what makes it even better is the garage door opener! Garage Door openers allow you easy access in and out of your home. With a simple push of a button we will make sure your garage door opens and closes safely and quietly. We will make sure the appropriate opener is installed in accordance to the weight of your garage doors. Whether you need a chain drive, belt drive or jack shaft opener we have the right option for you.  






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