Gear up your garage & expand your living space

More than just garage floors, we can organize your garage or living area with shelving, systems and every hook  you need.

More than just garage floors, we can organize your garage or living area with shelving, systems and every hook  you need.

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Systemize and organize your garage!

Garage Storage
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A tidy garage isn’t just for neat-freak homes (not that we’re shaming those super-organized folks out there—you guys do you!). With a systematic, well-ordered garage, you’ll find it much easier to clean, meaning your day-to-day can feel less chaotic and your home can feel much more inviting.

Plus, you’ll be able to significantly reduce your family’s risk of accident or chemical exposure.

Let Us Lend You A Hand

Our professional crew will help install the cabinet and/or slatwall of your choice. We work with trusted manufacturers such as Gladiator and Flow Wall, offering you a wide selection of quality organizational hardware.

Have a question about your order? We have direct access to our manufacturers’ customer service teams, so you won’t ever have to waste your time on the phone with a national brand.

Garage Up Warrants The Labor For 12 Months After Installation

This 12-month installation warranty only includes installation of the Garage Storage Systems and Overhead Storage.

Garage Storage


garage up tool organization

Slat Walls

Garage Storage


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Bins & Hooks

Garage Storage

Upright Systems

Garage Storage

Overhead storage

Garage Up Storage Warranty:

Garage Up gives a one year limited Installation warranty.
This warranty applies only to: Cabinets, slat wall, upright-based systems, shelves, bins, hooks, and overhead storage.

Each product installed by Garage Up has its own manufacturer’s warranty that will apply; to go to the Flow Wall manufacturer warranty click on the link below.

The installation warranties only defects in the installation that occur which affect the performance of the slat walls, cabinets, or shelving, and notified to us within this warranty period will be rectified.

This warranty applies under conditions of normal use but does not apply to defects or damage that result from intentional or accidental damage, weather- or weather-related conditions, negligence, or unreasonable use. Adherence to weight restrictions is strongly encouraged. Damages caused by excess weight will void your warranty.

If damages or defects are discovered beyond our warranty period we will refer you to the appropriate manufacturer’s warranty (if applicable).

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