Lifetime Epoxy Flooring Warranty!

Learn More About How Garage Up Can Provide Lifetime Assurance For Your Floor & More!

Lifetime Epoxy Flooring Warranty!

Learn More About How Garage Up Can Provide Lifetime Assurance For Your Floor & More!

Lifetime Floor Warranty

Did you know that GarageUp has a lifetime limited warranty? 

We provide a non-transferable lifetime limited warranty for ALL polyaspartic floor coating that has been installed onto concrete for as long as the customer owns the property on which it was installed. 

It warrants that the floor coating will remain in place under reasonable wear and tear the floor coating will not succumb to peel/delaminate from the concrete surface hot tire pick-up, or staining spills of oil,fluids, gasoline, and diesel, that are promptly removed. 

The Following Items Are Excluded From The Floor Coating Warranty: 

  • Damage from battery acid - the highly concentrated sulfuric acid is very caustic and corrosive and can damage the floor. 
  • Peeling or delamination caused by moisture underneath the slab of concrete on which the floor coating was installed. Garage Up will test for such moisture and suppress it where needed but cannot guarantee that such moisture will not cause peeling or delamination due to circumstances outside of our control. 
  • Concrete cracks - while Garage Up will repair concrete cracks that exist prior to floor coating installation, it cannot warrant that cracks will not reappear or occur due to the concrete slab shifting or moving after installation. 
  • Neglect or Abuse of Floor Coating - contractor does not warrant damage to the floor coating caused by neglect or abuse of the floor coating. 

If a customer has a claim covered under this Floor Coating Warrant, Garage Up will spot repair, at no additional cost to the customer, any areas of delamination in the floor not caused by the Excluded Items.

Installation Warranty

In addition to our product's manufacturer's warranty, we offer a 1-year installation warranty on our installation services!

Garage renovations are a popular home improvement project that many homeowners undertake to enhance their living space and add value to their property. Whether you're looking to convert your garage into a living space or simply improve its functionality and appearance, it's important to work with a reputable contractor who offers a comprehensive warranty on their services.

A 1-year installation warranty on all garage renovation services is an excellent way to provide peace of mind to homeowners who are investing in this type of project. This type of warranty ensures that if any issues arise with the work that was completed during the renovation, Garage Up will come back and fix the problem at no additional cost to the homeowner.

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