About Our Epoxy Application

  1. Prep the floor – cleaning, repair and fill any small cracks or holes with our Epoxy Paste. Diamond grind the floor with a planetary grinder to ensure a smooth and even prep of your floor. We’ll also make sure to use the correct tooling every time to match the needs of every home’s concrete! 
  2. Base Coat – Durability and customization to your heart’s desire! We’ll apply Paramount’s 2-part industrial grade polyaspartic base coat in the color of your choice. 
  3. Flakes – Bring life, color, and texture to your garage. We’ll broadcast and apply flakes ensuring 100% coverage. We don’t recommend anything under 100% flake coverage as they make the flooring less slippery and create a good track for vehicles. This is more durable against scratches and scuffs as well as great at helping solidify the whole floor.
  4. Clear Coat – Apply Paramount’s polyaspartic 2-part clear coat. Our clear coat is highly UV resistant, hard and durable, dries quickly, and can be walked or parked on the next day.

We use polyaspartic flooring because it’s designed to be more flexible and won’t chip, scratch, or scuff like a traditional epoxy resin. Polyaspartic flooring is also thinner and more lightweight than traditional epoxy allowing it to soak into the pores of the concrete, which leads to a stronger bond to the floor. Another benefit is the curing time of 24 hours which will allow you to park in your garage the day after application.

Traditional polyurea resin has a faster drying time but can lead to a weaker bond, leaving no time to correct errors in the application. This leaves the potential for more imperfections and issues during installation. Along with that, it is more susceptible to discoloration and yellowing over time as it has a lower UV resistance. While it is a cheaper option, it results in a lower quality job that would need to be done in the future.

With Garage Up, we’ll do the job correctly to ensure longevity, as well as the satisfaction of our customers. Call us today to get scheduled for a free estimate!

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