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5 Reasons Our Poly-Aspartic Coatings Are Better Than Standard Epoxy

By Tanya Jasso | May 17, 2023

Here at Garage Up, we’re strong advocates of poly-aspartic coating because it’s the newest technology and is the best option for your floor. There are so many options to choose from which all have their pros and cons, but we’re here to inform you of your decision! Not only is there a moderately quick cure…

About Our Epoxy Application

By Tanya Jasso | February 22, 2023

We use polyaspartic flooring because it’s designed to be more flexible and won’t chip, scratch, or scuff like a traditional epoxy resin. Polyaspartic flooring is also thinner and more lightweight than traditional epoxy allowing it to soak into the pores of the concrete, which leads to a stronger bond to the floor. Another benefit is…