Epoxy Floors That Go Beyond Function

Put simply: Epoxy flooring makes your life easier.
And at Garage Up, our quality floor work ensures you’ll never have to worry about peeling, chipping, stains, or spills.

Plus, our proven processes are designed to help you match your floor to your family’s unique lifestyle, personality, and taste.

Why Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Is The Best Choice

Epoxy Flooring

Fast Drying!

Our epoxy floors are fast drying and 100% UV stable, our chosen coating helps free you from the hassles of scratches, stains, & moisture/chemical damage.


Resistant to both heat and high impact our epoxy floors create a lasting, penetrative bond with your concrete foundation; and leave behind a smooth, clean, flawless finish.

Slip Resistant!

Our extra durable Paramount coatings are oil-and slip-resistant and come with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


Make your home your own and explore our epoxy chip blends, color flakes, and metallic pigments!

Epoxy Flooring

Step 1:
Prep The Floor

How we begin the process of upgrading your garage

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  • Prep and clean the floor
  • Repair and fill any small cracks or holes with our Epoxy Paste
  • Diamond grind the floor with planetary grinders ensuring a smooth and even prep of your floor. We also make sure to use the right tooling every time to match the needs of every home's concrete

Step 2:
Base Coat

Durability & customization to your heart's desire!

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  • Apply Paramount's 2-part, industrial grade, polyaspartic base coat in the color of your choice!

Step 3:

Bring life, color, and texture to your garage

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  • Broadcast and apply flakes. Ensuring 100% coverage
  • We don't recommend doing any less than 100% flake coverage. The flakes give that floor texture that makes it less slippery and creates a good track for vehicles. Also is more durable against scratches and scuffs, and will help solidify the whole floor

Step 4:
Clear Coat

Ensuring your garage looks upgraded and clean

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  • Apply Paramount's polyaspartic 2-part clear coat. Our clear coat is highly UV resistant, hard and durable, dries fast, and can be walked or parked on the next day
Epoxy Flooring

Why We Use Polyaspartic Floors

Polyaspartic Floors

Polyaspartic Floors however are the newest and strongest option for all garage floors. It is designed to be more flexible and won’t chip, scratch or scuff like traditional epoxy resins.

These floors are thinner and more lightweight making it easier to be soaked into the concrete pores, which means a much stronger and better bond to your floor.

This method will cure in 24 hours, which means you can drive on your floor the next day! And when it comes to long-term use, polyaspartic floors are highly UV resistant and will not yellow or become discolored!

Regular Epoxy Floors

Regular epoxy resin is durable and was the most commonly used in the past, but it is a softer coating and is more vulnerable to chipping, scratching and wearing down overall.

This kind of epoxy is thick and heavy, meaning it won’t get into every crack and crevice of a concrete floor, leading to adhesion problems down the road.

In addition to weak adhesion, regular epoxy resins take 1 week or more to fully cure.

Regular epoxy resins are very low in UV resistance, so they yellow over time and are generally more susceptible to discoloration and delamination.

Polyurea Resin

Polyurea resins have a really fast dry time, but a hyper-fast dry time can lead to an overall weaker bond. It dries so quickly that it leaves no time to correct errors, which means the potential for more imperfections and issues during installation.

With these types of Polyurea resins, you get lower UV resistance, so they are generally more susceptible to discoloration and yellowing.

Although Polyurea resins are a cheaper and more cost effect option, they will result in a lower-quality job that will most likely have to be redone in the near future.

Professionalism and Courtesy

We pride ourselves on our courtesy and our professionalism. Our goal is to truly make life easier for our customers…right from the very beginning.

This Is How We Do It!

Clean Up

The Garage Up team of professionals will move all of your belongings out of your garage and into a personal storage trailer for you. This means that you will never have to worry about cleaning up before we come.

Garage Up

Next, our expert professionals will prep your garage floor, carefully apply our industrial-grade coating, and then clear out our workspace – usually all in just one day (though some projects may require a little added time).

Scale Up

Once your garage floor coating service is complete, it’s time to scale up and make the best of your space. We can help you install shelves, slatwalls, and/or organizational systems to fit your needs, budget, and style.

Garage coating warranty

Garage Up provides the customer a non-transferable lifetime limited warranty for all polyaspartic floor coating installed onto concrete, for as long as the customer owns the property on which it was installed.

This Garage Up Floor Coating warranty warrants that the floor coating will remain in place under reasonable wear and tear, not succumb to peel/delaminate from the concrete surface, hot tire pick-up, or staining from spills of oil, fluids, gasoline, and diesel, that are promptly removed.

The Following Items Are Excluded From The Floor Coating Warranty

  1. Damage from battery acid—The highly concentrated sulfuric acid is very caustic and corrosive and can damage the floor.
  2. Peeling or delamination caused by moisture underneath the slab of concrete on which the floor coating was installed. Garage Up will test for such moisture and suppress it where needed but cannot guarantee that such moisture will not cause peeling or delamination due to circumstances outside of our control.
  3. Concrete cracks—While Garage Up will repair concrete cracks that exist prior to floor coating installation, it cannot warrant that cracks will not reappear or occur due to the concrete slab shifting or moving after installation.
  4. Neglect or Abuse of Floor Coating—Contractor does not warrant damage to the floor coating caused by neglect or abuse of the floor coating.

If Customer has a claim covered under this Floor Coating Warranty, Garage Up will spot repair, at no additional cost to the customer, any areas of delamination in the floor not caused by the Excluded Items.